Tree Service in Dana Point, CA

Rob’s Tree Service in Dana Point, CA: The trees in your landscape increase beauty and personality to your home or business. Whether you’ve got a long row of Eucalyptus or an array of decorative palm trees, you would like to make sure that your trees appear their best and represent your home or business well. Well maintained trees can add value to your property and make your landscape a genuinely pleasing place to be or visit.

Tree Service in Dana Point, CA

At Rob’s Tree Service, our services include tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding. Rob’s Tree Service has been a Tree Service Contractor since 1979, servicing all Orange County and surrounding cities. Every job gets Rob’s personal attention and is performed by his experienced and highly trained crew.

Trimming Services

Regular trimming improves your trees’ health, supporting their growth and beauty. Tree upkeep can also assure the safety of everybody who uses the lawn, along with protecting your land from tree-related destruction because of falling branches.

Common Reasons to trim your trees:

Trimming services can increase the look and appeal of your property. It can also help you to avoid potentially hazardous conditions due to overgrown trees.

The appearance of the Tree:

Well-groomed trees establish that you care about your home or business, by eliminating branches which are unsightly or dead. Also, trimming back any limbs which are in the way of your vehicles, windows, electricity lines, or other landscape features will increase safety for your property, pedestrians and your family.

No matter if you desire an incredibly groomed look or a more natural look, professional tree trimming will allow you to achieve that goal.

Tree Wellness and Health:

Tree pruning and trimming are not only beneficial to your property’s look but also beneficial to the trees. Thinning out of branches provides the treeless resistance to wind, making it much better able to endure storms and other natural situations.


Heavy branches, wrongly balanced branches, and branches which are about to break create a risk to your belongings and your family. Even if there is nothing right under the branch, a powerful storm can blow a broken limb or branch into a car or building.

Removal Services

Rob’s Tree Services provides removal along with stump grinding. Our top of the line equipment gets the job done quicker, leaving your home looking better for it. At Rob’s Tree Service, our crew is fully trained in all aspects of a tree removal and uses the safest practice to the industry standards.

Possible Reasons for Tree Removal:

  • The area is too crowded and there isn’t enough space for other trees on the property.
  • Growing too close to the house and causing foundation issues.
  • The tree is dying or is already dead, is diseased, and poses a threat to your home and the surrounding property.
  • The tree is too large and it’s interfering with your grass or lawn growing properly.
  • The tree is a nuisance and is in the way of home improvements, such as a new deck or pool, or even a new addition.

Emergency Tree Removal

In the event of trees falling or becoming unstable due to storms or other unforeseen events, we provide fast emergency tree removal services. Call us with any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment. We’re a small office, so if we don’t pick up right away, we’ll call you back quickly.

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