San Clemente Tree Service

Rob’s Tree Service, serving San Clemente – Trees are a great addition to any property. They provide shade, oxygen, pleasant views to enjoy and just make a place seem more cheerful. Some people even have family or holiday tradition by planting a tree. Keeping your trees in perfect health is not always easy as trees can become sick or infested and it takes special knowledge to be able to take care of these tree related problems.

San Clemente Tree Service

Trees can become sick for several reasons, but most commonly it is due to environmental conditions. Here are a few tips to keep your trees healthy.

Trimming Services:

The practice of tree trimming consists of making strategic cuts to certain limbs and branches with the aim of improving a tree’s health, appearance, and long-term performance. Trimming the correct amount off of a tree is absolutely essential to success. Reducing too much foliage can be detrimental to some trees.

Reasons to Consider Tree Trimming

  • Enhances the beauty and Strong Structure
  • Helps prevent damage during a storm
  • Reduces wind resistance
  • Provides clearance for structures
  • Increases light and air penetration to the landscape below

It takes the experience to know what time of year is best for each tree, how extensively it should be trimmed, and how to shape it properly for healthy growth and to maximize its beauty. We’ll discuss your needs in detail when we examine your property and give you a quote.

Effects of Improper Trimming

Improper pruning techniques not only harm a tree’s current structure but also they can negatively impact future healthy growth.

We use the most current practices when trimming, which helps your trees and the surrounding environment thrive.

We can remove your Tree Safely

Since 1979, our team has the experience needed for safe tree removal. Because of the risk, the work should only be done by trained, experienced professionals who are fully licensed and insured.

Special precautions are taken when removing trees, especially near homes. Dangerous branches are roped down. Once the limb has been cut, it is gradually lowered to the ground. Or, if the tree is in a dangerous or difficult location we will use a crane for the job. Safety is always the 1st priority.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal:

  • A tree is growing too close to the home and could be causing foundation problems.
  • The tree is blocking sunlight; the other trees cannot grow properly.
  • Your tree is dead, dying, or diseased and poses a threat to your home or property.

Your Tree May Not Need to be Removed

It’s also possible that your tree does not need to be removed and might just need to be properly trimmed. It is our goal is to save every tree and return it to vibrant health when possible. However, when this is impossible, we can extract the tree and stump safely.

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