Los Alamitos Tree Service

Los Alamitos Tree Service – Rob and his crew at Rob’s Tree Service understand that your property is a big investment and overgrown trees can be a negative impact on your curb appeal. From new construction to existing homes, our professional team can trim the unwieldy Trees and palms quickly and efficiently.

Los Alamitos Tree Trimming Service

Rob, of Rob’s Tree Service, prides himself on excellent trimming knowledge. Customers need to be aware of the high qualifications involved when selecting a tree service company as improperly pruned trees will never return to their original shape.

Tree trimming is a significant factor in maintaining and optimizing the tree’s health. Removing dead branches, improving structure, enhancing vigor, creating clearance and maintaining safety are all common situations where pruning is encouraged.

Trim your trees for the following reasons:

  • THE BEAUTY of a Healthy Tree!
  • Significant dead, damaged, and/or diseased branches.
  • Safety for overgrown trees which are too close to nearby properties and/or public-use spaces, such as utility lines or roadways.
  • Eliminate unsightly or dangerous branches.
  • Increase tree strength.
  • Create a stronger tree and extend the life of your trees.

Tree Removal

At Rob’s Tree Service, we know the importance of trees so we avoid unnecessary tree removal. In circumstances when a tree is dead, dying or diseased, there is often no other solution. Trees that interfere with new housing construction or pools are also commonly removed as are trees that pose a danger or liability.

Reasons you may need to remove a tree:

  • Storm Damage.
  • Leaning Tree or Branches.
  • Landscape renovations.
  • The tree is too close to other properties, utility lines, structures etc.
  • The tree is dead or dying.

Emergency Tree Services Offered

Emergency tree services are available seven days a week to ensure that your family is protected and your property is cleaned up after hazardous weather conditions. High winds, heavy rain, and injured or rotting trees present a danger to your house and loved ones. Rob’s Tree Service prides itself with excellent response times and dedicates itself to restoring your peace of mind after an unexpected incident.

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