Huntington Beach Tree Service

A Huntington Beach Tree Service that Cares about Trees! Rob’s Tree Service wants to help you maintain beautiful and healthy trees and develop an outdoor environment you love. Not only will we care for your trees, but we also provide a variety of services that will help you to make informed decisions about the landscape of your property.

Huntington Beach Trimming Service

Serving both residential and commercial properties, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle all of your tree care needs. We can help you make informed decisions on trees that may have become dangerous or are an insurance risk due to excessive growth, proximity to power lines, etc. With our help, you will discover the best type of tree to plant based on the environment and the most beneficial location for obstacle-free growth.

Tree Services

Tree pruning keeps your trees healthy and looking their very best throughout the year. Rob’s Tree Service has over 40 years of experience caring for trees of all types for residential and commercial customers in Orange County and the nearby areas. We can provide you with the trusted tree services you need to enhance your landscape and ensure the optimal health of the trees on your land.

When to Trim

As strong as they may seem, trees are delicate and can be temperamental if you cut them at the wrong time of year. Some species are more easily affected by improper trimming and different types of trees may prefer pruning during different seasons.

Encourage New Growth

Removing dead or faltering branches, or branches that seem to be growing in the wrong place, can help improve the growth of a tree. Proper pruning to a fruit tree can result in increased fruit production and healthier fruit growth.

Preventative Maintenance

Low-hanging branches are a nuisance, an accident risk and can cause damage to your property. Dead branches can break unpredictably and cause damage when they fall – on cars, people, or roofs. Branches that grow close to your home can swing violently during the high wind conditions often experienced in Orange County.

Removal Service

We offer professional tree removal services for home and business owners throughout the Orange County area and beyond. Whether you need a tree service to help you remove trees that are blocking your view or diseased trees that are threatening to fall on your roof, our tree removal experts are ready to help.

Removal may necessary due to:

  • High winds
  • Death or decay from disease or rot
  • Soil erosion
  • Severe tree damage (due to construction or accident)
  • Unwanted tree growth
  • Lightning strike
  • Fire damage

Don’t Lose Power

Trees that grow in the vicinity of power lines have great potential for causing power outages and other hazardous situations. Attempting to perform trimming or removal of trees in this situation can be extremely dangerous.

Prevent loss of both power and life by hiring the fully licensed, insured, and knowledgeable experts of Rob’s Tree Service to perform this service for you.

Our experts will ensure your trees are serviced when it’s most advantageous, so you will get results that maintain your tree’s structure and beauty.

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