Anaheim Hills Tree Services

At Rob’s Tree Service our Anaheim Hills tree services include regular tree trimming, tree removal and a firm knowledge of trees in Southern California and how each tree responds to maintenance.

Anaheim Hills Tree Services - Rob’s Tree Service of Orange County

Anaheim Hills Tree Services

Tree Trimming can allow for trees to have more freedom and space as they grow and create a more structurally sound and beautiful tree. On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain tree health and safety.

The most important benefits of tree trimming:

Promote tree health

Trimming can prolong the life of your trees by removing dead, weak, insect-infested or diseased limbs before they start to rot and impact the health of your tree.

Protect your property

Tree branches hanging over your home can cause damage to your roof, or slam into a home during a strong wind. In addition, trees left to grow without trimming can also grow into power lines, creating a risk of power loss and further damage to the lines.

Protect your family

Regular tree trimming can prevent injuries to those who use your property by eliminating low-hanging limbs.

Trimming needs are assessed based on tree safety, overall health and to fit your budget. Cleanup is done on the same day using a chipper, turning everything to mulch, which is then available free of charge based on location and availability.

Tree Removal:

Rob’s main goal is to promote tree health and he will do whatever he can to save the tree; He understands that trees add beauty to your property. Yet, your tree may be damaged or diseased beyond repair and unfortunately, tree removal is necessary. Also, renovation projects or property enhancements may require our tree removal services. We also offer emergency tree removal services due to weather damage.

Reasons you may need to remove a tree:

  • Storm Damage.
  • Leaning Tree or Branches.
  • Landscape renovations.
  • A tree is too close to other properties, utility lines, structures etc.
  • The tree is dead or dying.

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